jeudi 10 mars 2016

Little Italy of Montreal or «Piccola Italia» - the very beginning

Italian families slowly left Downtown Montreal to settle North of Van Horne street and South of Jean-Talon. As we can see in the Montreal Lovell directory of 1911-1912, Clark street is one of those streets where we could find several italian families.

Annuaire Lovell, Montréal et sa banlieue : Série principale (1842-1977) : 1911-1912. 

We noted the same on the 1911 Canada census for Clark street, from the bottom of page 1 continuing on page 2.

Excerpts from 1911 Canada of Canada, Clark street in Montréal.

On those pages of the 1911 census, we can find very interesting informations: the year of arrival of the migrant and in what year he was naturalized, if the case.

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